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                                             EDP CONSULT: MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE 
EDP consult offers a wide range of business management software solutions and for the administration of condominiums, rents and property sales. Our products are aimed at professionals and companies who want to simplify the management of daily activities and make their system more efficient.

Thanks to our twenty years of experience in the sector, you can rely on us: accounting, business management and condominium administration will no longer give you headaches. Choosing the right product for you or your company is really simple: choose the online management software you are interested in, read the features of each product and proceed with the download.
 Management program for condominiums, rentals and properties
How many times have you used a program and spent so much time learning how it works that you would have done without it before and do it all by yourself? You can forget this feeling because our management software for condominiums make your life easier and learning to use them is really simple. Not only can you simplify separate accounting management for tenants and owners, but you can organize:

• Meetings
• Payment reminders
• Practices
• Correspondence
• Special charges and much more.

The calculation of the thousandth tables becomes a simple task: thanks to our dedicated software you can establish the participation fees for the expenses and the rights of the individual condominiums on the common parts, enter the property units, the types of rooms and much more.
If you need to manage rents, our software is able to offer powerful tools that go beyond simple management, such as:

• Creation of a registry register for tenants and owners
• Printing of forms and bulletins
• Management of different types of contracts

Even the buying and selling of real estate is no longer a problem. Thanks to our solutions you can organize this process and archive the properties according to their characteristics and customer requests.
 Business management programs: accounting and warehouse
If you are looking for the best business management software, choose EDP Consult. Our products allow you to:

• Manage site accounting - as estimates and expenses associated with construction work
• Manage ordinary accounting - monitor cash flows, view the situation of customers and suppliers and other management tool
Manage the warehouse - insert items, products and goods automatically, consult inventories and process inventories

 Discover the EDP Consult offer

Our mission is to offer products that are intuitive, easy to use and that adapt to the needs of our customers: we believe that our software must adapt to various companies and individuals, not vice versa.

We are determined to clarify the production process that underpins companies, small and large companies and to improve the overall productivity of these realities. We are also here to assist small and large condominium administrators to manage all types of leases.

Become part of our family ... we are here to help you.

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